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This site is owned and operated by "Ponks" and "Mentor" from 2 + 2

No More Students
Sorry, we are no longer accepting student applications

Welcome to Poker Mentor.net. We are an online poker school that specializes in limit texas holdem. Here you will find poker strategy articles and a forum open to the public along with certain tools and services that can only be accessed by students. Basically, this webpage is a compilation of the knowledge and tools that I wish I had when I first started learning poker. We don't just teach poker strategy, we teach exactly HOW to go about the learning process. Along with all the immediately applicable knowledge we try to teach a way of thinking and going about things in a manner which is conducive to winning.

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- Look at the preview forum to see an example of hand history analysis.

This place has really become more than just a poker school, it's grown into a community and I consider many of the students to be my friends. These guys (and a few girls) overcome my expectations on a regular basis. They often ask insightful questions (along with some dumb ones ;) ), they're always supporting each other when someone goes on a cold streak or with life-related events, and a couple computer savvy students have created programs that are widely used even outside of this community. I am also proud to say that two students have gone on to start their own poker schools.

Imagine having a professional poker player sitting next to you telling you EXACTLY how to play. On top of that, he also explains the reasoning behind everything. It would be the single most efficient way to learn poker. What we do here is very similar. It is called hand history analysis. Our students post hands that they've played onto our forums and then we critique them. We tell them exactly what they should have done and why. They can then generalize a very SPECIFIC hand to a whole category of hands, for example "playing top pair in late position with an uncoordinated board". There are only so many different variables ( like position, # of players in, power of hand, ect..) and so many combinations of them. That means that out of ALL possible poker situations each single hand represents about a fraction of a percentage. By constantly having your hand histories looked at these small percentages will being to add up very quickly. I put several examples of old hand histories which have been critiqued in a preview forum so you can get an idea of what it actually looks like, you can find that here.

Commonly asked questions:

What exactly do I get if I am accepted as a student?

i) an outline of EXACTLY how to go about becoming a better poker player.

ii) access to the student only forums where a professional poker player will critique your hand histories on a regular basis (here you can also see hand histories that fellow students have had critiqued).

iii) a comprehensive preflop sheet that applies to full ring and shorthanded.

iv) earn $$$ for reaching different MGR tiers, go here to learn more.

vi) opportunities to ask us any poker related questions via instant messenger, IRC, email, and our forum or have us analyse your poker tracker statistics.

vii) access to a fish database (created by our own students) which you can copy paste into your party poker buddy list so that you may find these players.

viii) $100-1000 deposit bonus depending on which site you choose.

How much money does your service cost?
If accepted as a student all the services we provide are FREE. The only requirement is that you must be affiliated by us at a chosen poker site (currently we work with party poker) and play on an regular basis. The reason we are able to do this is that the poker sites we work with know that we bring them high quality players and compensate us well. Here are the sites you can choose from:

Battlefield Poker (prima skin)
Full Tilt Poker
Doyle's room (tribeca skin)
Mansion Poker
Big Chip Poker
Ultimate Bet

How do I become a student?
If you decide to tryout to be a student there is a short application that you will fill out which will help us gauge you. Not everyone will be accepted, however, we DO want a diverse community of players with a broad range of skills. If not accepted you may request to be put on a waiting list for spots that we reserve specifically for players of any skill level. If you are friends with someone who is already in the community we will take that into consideration when looking at your application. You can find that application here. (have this link to the new form)

How much can I expect to earn?
The answer to this question really depends upon how dedicated you are and how strictly you follow our advice. We have had students who now make more than $100/hr and then there are more casual ones who are happy making $20 - $40/hr. It's all about the effort you put in. Here is a chart of potential hourly rates.

Why should I start RIGHT now?
Experienced poker players know that games are not as juicy as they once where and that the skill level of the average poker player is always increasing. We provide that extra edge to always keep you ahead of the competition. On top of that, so that we can provide personalized attention we can only allow so many students in. Applications are received everyday and the more students we have the pickier we are going to become with the remaining spots.

How can I get started?
Fill out the application here and we will get back to you.


Texas Holdem Poker
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