Texas Holdem

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Holdem Poker


Get notes on Party Poker/Empire skin players here. Notes for limits above $1/2 are available to friends/students only. "

$1/2 - 250,000 hands = Player Notes

I currently have notes on the following levels:
I used to mine with only 8 tables but did each level, I only have about 50k hands at each level some more some less. I am now re-doing each level getting them to 250k and then moving on with 24 tables going 24/7.

I just finished 3/6$ and am working on 15/30$ now.

.5/1$: initial mine amount
1/2$: 250,000 hands
2/4$: initial mine amount
3/6$: initial mine amount
5/10$: initial mine amount
15/30$: initial mine amount

Here is how to "decipher" the notes.

here's an example of a random player:
" {{VP$IP: 22 - PFR: 4 - CCPF: 0
AF-TOT: 0.1 - CR: 0 - FBB: 0
TOT HANDS: 54}} "

VP$IP = % of the time the player voluntarily put money in the pot
-a range of 13-20 VP$IP is good. You want to play with players with significantly higher VP$IP. (30%+)

PFR = preflop raise %
-a range of 7-10 preflop raise % is good. You want to play with players with significantly lower or higher PFR. ( 14%+, 4%-

CCPF = cold call preflop %
-any CCPF is bad, many players will have 1%. 2%+ is very bad.

VP$IP / PFR / CCPF are the 3 main stats you want to use to determine how bad a player is AF-TOT = aggression factor
-don't worry about how this is calculated, a range of 2-3 aggression factor is good

CR = check raise %
-there is a lot of leeway on this statistic it will usually be on a range of 1-4

TOT HANDS = total hands you have on this player
-the more hands you have on a player the more sure you can be of these statistics

Side Note -Eurobet and other party skins keep track of stats for you. You can right click your own name and highlight "Show Statistics" to see some numbers on how you have been playing. For 10 max, I usually have 17-20% flops seen after a couple hundred hands. I know I am running dry if it is only at 15% or that I am getting good hands if it is still at 20%. My hands won % will be 5% during bad times and 9% during real good rushes, but normally it is at 7%. These will not tell you exactly how your session has been but can be a good indicator.

Texas Holdem Poker
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