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Stats 1/2 to 5/10 | Stats Sept 2005 5/10

I'm currently play 5/10 SH while taking shots at 10/20 SH, which I should be playing exclusively in the next month. My poker career starts the same way as most college students; small NL ring games with some friends. I was quite succesful at them, nothing unreal, but, it paid for beer. The next semester I roomed with mentor, and that's where it all began. I started at .5/1, and quite quickly moved up through 1/2 and 2/4 (under bankrolled, of course). I spent a lot of time at 3/6, where i was quite successful. I then left school (or school left me, it matters which way you look at it) and I went to South America for five months with my girlfriend, which poker paid for (the trip that is). I got home in late July of this year, and started playing again at 5/10 SH (i borrowed my bankroll). The time off was the best thing that could have happened, especially poker related. I must have read both HFAP and TOP a million times on the trip, as well as twoplustwo.com and pokermentor.net. I feel that i'm 100x better player than I was before I left, and I didn't even play a hand. I now attend McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Poker pays for everything; school, rent, entertainment, etc. Without it, and the help from pokermentor.net, I would just be a poor college kid.

Pokermentor, merci beaucoup


Texas Holdem Poker
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