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Maraden's Profile

Stats .5/1 to 1/2

This is year to date, although it represents mostly Mar/Apr/May where I ramped up to 10 tables regularly. Since May I have been tied up out of state, or remodeling my house. Starting in October I plan to ramp up again at my new limit $1/2 and let my bankroll dictate how fast I move up from there.

I've kept my hand in over the Summer while dabbling at shorthanded and $1/2. I plan to continue full ring table play rather than shorthanded if it pays more per hour.

I attribute my 10 tabling success at $.5/1 to the Pokermentor site. I would not have ventured that many tables, or have done as well on my ow I haven't mastered the tables yet, far from it. However, I feel I don't need to at this level of competition. When I encounter a level that I can't beat for at least 1BB/100 then I will consider slowing down and learning to play better poker. Let me know if I should be mastering anything at 1/2, or 6max before moving to 2/4 etc.

Texas Holdem Poker
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